Fossil-fuel disinvestment campaign launched

A local social-justice group yesterday announced its push to get local institutions to stop investing in fossil fuels. And it had company: the world’s best-known proponent of such disinvestment. Bill McKibben, founder of climate group, had stopped in Pittsburgh after returning from Europe, where he sought to persuade cities to pursue disinvestment. He was here to receive the Thomas Merton Award from Pittsburgh’s Thomas Merton Center, which plans to start gathering signatures on petitions asking Pittsburgh City Council to disinvest… Read More on

Thomas Merton Award goes to climate change activist

McKibbenThe Thomas Merton Center gave its annual award to environmental author and climate change activist Bill McKibben Monday evening and publicly kicked off its campaign to get Pittsburgh City Council to divest all of its fossil fuel investments.  The Merton Center’s campaign is an outgrowth of an international divestment campaign started a year ago by Mr. McKibben and, the global grass-roots organization he formed to combat global warming.

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