Water Connects Us All

“All Nations, All Faiths, One Prayer”

Please join members of all faith backgrounds for World Peace and Prayer Day on the summer solstice – June 21st in Pittsburgh, PA.

We will meet at 4 p.m. on the Andy Warhol/7th Street bridge over the Allegheny River to offer our prayers and intentions together for all our rivers and sacred waters. 

We are being called together at a time of great urgency. Water is the life’s blood of all creation – Water is what connects us all. We are asking people all over the world to participate in #WorldPeace&PrayerDay and create an energy shift to heal Mother Earth and end the exploitation of our sacred waters by the fossil fuel industry.

The oil, gas and petrochemical industries are taking a toll on our rivers and waters, from poor rural communities to indigenous treaty lands. In a quest for profits, they have destroyed sacred sites, poisoned water, and put thousands of lives at risk along the way. 

World Peace and Prayer Day promotes the unity and security that comes from mutual concern, care, and respect. This will be a time to gather, to share what we know, to listen to each other’s stories, and to stand and pray together in right relationship with one another—and with our Mother Earth.

Event Co-sponsors: Members of the Seneca community and local Native groups, Pennsylvania Interfaith Power & Light, Breathe Project, Center for Coalfield Justice, Mountain Watershed Association, Sierra Club Ohio, Pittsburgh Friends EarthCare Working Group, and many other partners.

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