• How will our city be impacted by the proposed upwind Cracker poisonpetrochemical plants?
      • Can we afford to accept Allegheny County’s rank in the top 1% of cancer rates ?

      • What can we do to prevent the proposed plants?

      • What can we do to to prevent the supporting infrastructure from threatening our air and water?


“Climate and local air quality are not issues for environmentalists only, they are issues for anyone who wants well-being for humanity:“ Rev. John Creasy

Come learn about the danger and what you can do to prevent the proposed massive petrochemical hub threatening our air, land and water:

Thursday, Mar 22, at 7pm,

Thomas Merton Center, 5129 Penn Avenue

Garfield neighborhood, Pittsburgh

The presentation will feature Matt Mehalik, Director of the Breathe Project, and a panel of dedicated activists:

Rev. John Creasy, pastor of the Open Door Church- Garfield, permaculture teacher and farmer at Garfield Community Farm, Board

Member of Pennsylvania Interfaith Power & Light, and the Pittsburgh Presbytery Peacemaking Team.

Terrie Baumgardner, Climate Reality Volunteer and member of the Citizens To Protect the Ambridge Reservoir where the encroachment of Shell’s Falcon Pipeline threatens the watershed of this pristine reservoir.

Nora Johnson, Climate Reality Volunteer, Earth Care Team- Sixth Presbyterian Church as well as a Pittsburgh member of Citizens to Protect the Ambridge Reservoir.

Light refreshments will be served.

The Thomas Merton Center and PA Interfaith Power and Light Pittsburgh Chapter are proud to host this particular panel.

Our panel participants work to protect our piece of Earth in Western Pennsylvania. They use their expertise, their love and experience of this particular place as they address climate change.

The Breathe Project works to promote clean air and inspire healthy communies across southwestern Pennyslania. They use the best available science to understand the quality of the air we breathe, build public awarenessand improve community health and wellness.

Citizens to Protect the Ambridge Reservoir is protecting drinking water while educating residents. They are “water protectors”. Shell has applied for a permit to build their 97 mile Falcon Pipeline to transport ehane from fracking to be used in the manufacturing of plastics. The infrastructure to accomplish this is harmful to us all as the pipelines run through 22 townships in PA, WV, and Oh close to homes, businesses, groundwater wells, public parks, schools, daycare centers, emergency response centers and major hiking and biking trails.. It also plans to intersect the only line that feeds from the Ambridge Reservoir Watershed to it’s customers, 30,000 people, who rely on  the reservoir for water.

Addressing the moral question of Earth Care and stewardship has not always translated well into democratic church governance. Yet, one hundred and thirty churches of the Pittsburgh Presbytery, representing 30,000 congregants, voted and accepted a resolution on eco-justice by the Peacemaking Team of the Presbytery. They have manage to accomplish three things; bring a vote on divestment from fossil fuels, address the most pressing local ecological issues and propel congregations to make positive changes in their own theology and action. They also voted to oppose the fossil fuel industry expansion in our region as seen in the Royal Dutch Shell Ethane Cracker in Potter Township.

The Climate Reality Project is teaching members to address “compassion challenges”. Recognizing the threat that a large “Petro Chemical Hub” that will not only effect Western PA but the world. We will be challenged to become vigilant and active as the decisions being made around us will impact the world. What happens in Potter Township does not stay in Potter Township.

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