Climate Ribbon Project

chicken wire frame

Climate Ribbon Project

Pittsburgh “Sister” People’s Climate March

A participatory art ritual of love and hope
for the Climate Justice Movement

What do you love and hope to never lose to Climate Chaos? What’s at stake for you?

Make YOUR OWN RIBBON with friends or in a group.

You can host an event with your community, faith group, local organization, union, or family.  Then bring your ribbons to the Pittsburgh Sister People’s Climate March where we will encourage people to make more ribbons

Look within. Pause for a moment and consider what is worth saving. What do you love most that you hope to never lose to Climate Chaos. Be specific and personal. What’s at stake for you?

  • Find a piece of ribbon that is about 2 feet long. Consider recycling old ribbons from gift wrapping, or ripping an old sheet or piece of fabric into strips (ideally, the less imported new materials, the more eco-friendly, the better). You’re welcome to take creative liberty to make sashes or other sizes. Pick a ribbon that is wide enough to write on.
  • Write your phrase on the left side of your ribbon with a Sharpie or other waterproof marker. Add your name, age and where you live on the right side of the ribbon, leaving the middle blank.

Examples :

“The coastline of Manhattan.    Andy, New York City, age 25.
“The hope that my children can live healthy lives.  Jon, Milwaukee, age 34.
  • At the end of the march you will be invited to tie your ribbon onto a frame located at FutureFest on the front lawn of the Phipps Conservatory.. Take your time and find a stranger’s ribbon that “speaks to you”, untie it and take it as your own. You will read it aloud in a small group adding, “I am with you” or, “I’ve got your back!”, The group will then answer “We are with you,” or “We’ve got your back!” and assist each other in tying the ribbon to their wrists.

Add your ribbon to a tree in your community, send it to a friend, tie it to a fence — there is no wrong way to make a Climate Ribbon!

Tweet YOUR RIBBON.  Use #pghribbonproject, and add your name, age, location, and what you never want to lose to climate chaos.
For more info contact:


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